Property & Liability Forms

The Property & Liability forms below are for the use of JPA members only.

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Acute Concussion Evaluation Care Plan for Schools
Acute Concussion Evaluation Medical Professional
Aerosol Transmissible Disease Exposure Control Plan
Authorization to Administer Hepatitis B Vaccine
Authorization for Work to be Performed by Students
Bumps or Blows to the Head
Concussion Management Policy
Confidential School Incident Investigation
Fingerprinting Contractors Form
Food Allergy Action Plan
Inventory of Employee Personal Property
JPA Safety Credit Request Form
Limited Waiver for Medical Services – Diabetes
Mandated Reporter Alternative Training Form – Prichard Safety & Health
Mandated Reporter Alternative Training Form – SISC
Non-Student Transportation in District Vehicle
Non-Student Participation in Voluntary Program
Parent Authorization to Administer Medicine – Student Administers
Participation of District Volunteer in Field Trip Activity
Personal Property Resolution
Pesticide Posting
Preventing a Concussion
Property & Liability Claim Form
Rejection of Timely Claim Template
Release Form for Special Event
Report of Unsafe Condition
Request for Approved Driver Status
Request for Certificate of Insurance SISC II
Request for Medication in School – Staff Administers
Sample Language for Student Handbooks – Personal Property
SISC II Building Add/Drop
SISC II DMV Records Request
SISC II Vandalism/Theft/Fire
Student Participation in District-Sponsored High Risk Activity
Student Participation in District-Sponsored Voluntary Field Trip
Student Participation in Non-District Sponsored Activity
Student Participation in Swimming Event
Student Participation in Voluntary Sports Program
Student Transportation by Self or Another Adult
Use of Private Vehicle Request